It was really great! The food was gorgeous, the service was quick and friendly and it definitely left us wanting more!

Ryan Smith (Sheffield Hallam)

Potato Oven is definitely worth a visit! Their food really hits the spot, especially after you've had a few. The special offers they have on are great value and it all comes with service with a smile.

Lucy Payne (Sheffield Hallam)

Who knew that a place called the potato oven could make such good deserts. Every ooey, gooey and not so good for you treat is on offer and they hit the right spot. Filling and tasty, I can't wait to go back again!

Lisa Stringer (Sheffield University)

Who doesn't love a good pasta dish? I certainly do, especially when I've not got much time and when I went to the Potato Oven they delivered gorgeous pasta at affordable prices. So worth a try and definitely my new local takeaway!

Ryan Jackson (Sheffield)

Excellent service, great food.

Tarik Shah (Sheffield)

Potatoes are the best in Sheffield and the pasties are soooooo tasty!

Ishrar Ali (Sheffield)